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This is M1 Global MMA

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A highlight and explanation of M1 Global MMA Promotion. Its growing and getting BIG! Watch out UFC

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Brock Lesnar drops his Belt!

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I can’t wait till he drops it again, against a contender in the UFC that is. This guys need to be humbled. I can not wait to see this guy get knocked out or submitted, and my bet is it won’t take very long. Especially not looking at his standup abilities which are almost non exsistent. A good standup fighter with a flurry of the right punches can knock him out. He isn;t used to getting attacked like that, he doesn’t defend well.I think a Fedor/Sylvia kinda attack will do the trick. But WHO.. will make Brock drop the belt again???

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Igor Vovchanchyn Returns to Fight!!

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igot vovchanchyn

Fighting Mixed Combative have announced that Igor Vovchanchyn will make his comeback at Fighting Mixed Combatives second event in September. A representative from FMC said that many fans in Korea have said that they want to see Vovchanchyn so he decided to negotiate with him. It seems like they got him after a lengthy persuasion. Because of their heavy Russian Sambo connections, FMC are looking at signing big name Russian fighters one after one.

Also on the September card, Aleksander Emelianenko vs. Blagoy Alexandre Ivanov is rumored to take place.

DREAM Super Hulk GP participant Jan Nortje has also been announced as a participant of FMC. Ivan Emelianenko, Russia Edition Gina Carano Julia Berezikova, Mikhail Malyutin who turned around his career in 2008, and four Korean names should also appear on their events.

FMCs first event will take place on August 15th. FMC said from the get go that they want to be as big as UFC and PRIDE. Signing former PRIDE fighters and Emelianenko brothers is a very good idea since both are very popular in Korea. UFC drawing monster ratings on Korean TV doesnt hurt the interest of MMA there either.

Update: It seems like FMCs second event will be a collaboration event with the annual world martial arts festival, which takes place from September 23rd to 27th.

Source: Kamipro Korea Column

DREAM MMA Videos Japan

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DREAM is a mixed martial arts organization promoted by Fighting and Entertainment Group and co-produced with the former Pride Fighting Championships executives from Dream Stage Entertainment. It is the sister promotion of K-1 kick boxing. Dream replaced FEG’s previous-run mixed martial arts fight series, Hero’s. The series retains many of the stylistic flourishes and personnel from Pride FC broadcasts, including fight introducer Lenne Hardt. In America, the promotion is aired on Mark Cuban’s HDNet.

Here you can find the MMA Fight Videos related to this DREAM Event.
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Dennis: The Neighborhood Menace | Ep. 6 | Bully Beatdown | Full Episode Video | MTV

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Dennis is a beefed-up bully who has been punking Stan and Andrey for years. Mayhem Miller calls upon Thomas “Wildman” Denny to help Stan and Andrey and put an end to Dennis’ bullying ways.

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Mirko Crocop Ultimate Mirko Crocop

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A Highlight for all the people that forget ot deny the fighter he was. This man was brought us great fights, amazing knock outs, both in K1 and MMA! He was someone that didn’t use his mouth but his actions.He brought us one of the most anticipated and exciting MMA Fights ever against Fedor Emelianenko. And ofcourse, his headkicks are the best out there!So.. with further adue.. Mirko Crocop Ultimate Highlight!

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MTV’s Bully Beatdown Episode 5

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MTV’s Bully Beatdown Episode 5. Here we go again. Seems like this ugly gorilla is tough enough to treat a lady like shit.. so its definitely time for an beating by a MMA fighter!

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